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Entrepreneurs have been described as people who build companies by developing a new idea or applying an old idea in a new setting. They take innovations out of the idea stage and into the world. Many entrepreneurs discover they need to attract money to fully commercialize their concepts. Thus, they must find investors – such as a bank, an angel investor, a venture capital fund, a public stock offering or some other source of financing.
We support our members when dealing with most classic sources of funding, since entrepreneurs face numerous challenges: skepticism towards the business and financial plans, requests for large equity stakes, tight control and managerial influence and limited understanding of the characteristic of growth process that start-ups experience.
On the other hand, we assist our member to understand the four basic problems that can limit investors’ willingness to invest capital:

  •  Uncertainty about the future: in terms of start-ups development possibilities, market and industry trends. The greater the uncertainty of a venture or project, the greater the distribution of possible outcomes.
  • Information gaps: differences in what various players know about a company’s investment decisions.
  •  “Soft Assets”: these assets are unique and rarely have markets that allow for the measure of their value. Thus, lenders are less willing to provide credit against such an asset.
  • Volatility of current market conditions: financial and product markets can change overnight, affecting a venture’s current value and its potential profitability.

TEN is built on the participation of great partners who provide the financial resources.

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